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What We Do

We have been various described a financial architect or a bespoke tailor for businesses but whilst we would love to have a easy to understand label attached to us, our work encompasses services that have a habit of stretching and breaking labels. How do you described helping an animation group with an initial valuation of less than HK$25 million make the emotional transition away from being artists providing child friendly content to a putting in place a street savvy advertising, marketing and merchandising team and becoming a product powerhouse worth HK$3.6 billion, 4 years later? How do you describe a public private partnership designed to deliver development to 1 million people, by using existing mobile telecommunication infrastructure? How do you describe a roll-up of obstetric & gynecological specialists so that they can add value to their patients by being a force in treating female cancers?


To us, an idea without the ability to execute, is a dream. To us, the ability to execute without an idea is a definition of a worker. To us, an idea and the ability to execute is a mere business. To us, an innovative, detailed and tailored idea matched with the right skills and being at the right time or in the right place, sets the stage for something rather special. We are here to make our clients special.

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Our Credentials

Transactions completed by our Partners and Shareholders:

US$19 billion +

Current pipeline of work:

about US$8 billion


Exchanges on Which ACH has Completed Listings:


Industries that ACH have Acted For:

Aviation, Shipping, Transportation & Logistics

Chemicals (specialty)

Construction & Infrastructure



Food & Beverage

Heavy Industries


IT & Software

Medical services

Mining, Oil & Gas



Added Value

The reason ACH can make a difference is because we are different.


  • We have never been accused on thinking within the ‘box’; and


  • Our advice saddles the nexus where business model, corporate DNA, execution ability, technology, accounting, finance, tax and regulations & the law, overlap.


We can do this by levering off our individual strengths, our extensive network of professionals and our deep wells of experience. We do not pretend to be experts in all areas. But we do know enough to ask the appropriate questions thereby allowing us to design and deliver innovative but workable investment strategies and integrated solutions across virtually every asset class.


We have built a reputation as problem solvers who work from an Asian perspective. We provide insightful knowledge of our markets and can call on an extensive network of contacts. As acknowledgement of our integrity, we also provide services to four Governments including expert testimony to and on behalf of their regulators involving securities law.


Whilst our transaction size is large, we find taking small and medium sized companies up the next few ‘steps’ extremely satisfying. Because of our success, we have also been labeled an ‘accelerant’.