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Advantages of IPO

From an Asian perspective

  • Access to equity capital from both institutional and retail investors.
  • Access to debt on more favourable financing terms.
  • Finance acquisitions and expansion from expanding the equity base, i.e. the issue of new shares, or the issue of other financial instruments such as bonds and convertible securities.
  • Improves debt capacity
  • Increased credibility, status, and visibility within the market place, from customers and suppliers, business and financial associates.
  • Allows for an easier exit where the principals are looking to diversify or retire or to provide ready capital for other personal investments.
  • Leverage on one’s shareholding as collateral for debt financing.
  • Offer stock or stock options to retain or reward employees and management.
  • Allows succession planning without having to create wealth distribution tensions within a family
  • Allows foreign firms to overcome select regional ownership laws.
  • Protects select local firms with a sovereign shield.


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