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We will freely admit, if somewhat sheepishly, that we have no business model. In this respect, we accept that we are like accountants who know to the last cent their client’s finances but do not know their own bank balance, or a lawyer, who spots every single issue in a contract, but fails to read their own mortgage agreement.


So instead of a business model we have a value proposition. Our value proposition to clients is simple and based on three pillars:


  1. We add value;
  2. We can be trusted; and
  3. We think outside the box (actually our problem is thinking inside the box)


This may sound stupid, but our contracts say that if we do not deliver, you do not have to pay us. The initial modest deposit is merely to cover out-of-pocket expenses if any (any surplus is returned).   Meaning, we do not charge any upfront fee or time charges or minimum fees. Having said that some clients (whose transactions are very large) insist on time charges in which case it is S$1,500 per hour.


But please note well, we are very fussy with our clients. We are selective because we deliver very specialised solutions and the drawing up, implementation and maturity of these solutions take time. The whole process from conceptualisation, drawings, to completion can take from 18 months to, in one extreme instance, 6 years. Ours is not a mass-market product.


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