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Project Management

The overall purpose of due diligence is to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your company’s registration statement and prospects and to understand any issues associated with the company. Each of the professional advisors will have a different role in this process. The due diligence exercise will also look closely at many issues including (but not exclusive to) your company’s business model, products, processes, marketing & distribution, competitors, barriers-to entry, customers, suppliers, management, labour force, creditors, funders, accounting, controls, policies and any other factors that might influence the viability of your company as a public entity.


Due diligence comprises many interrelated disciplines and processes. In this respect the professionals act as auditors on behalf of the regulators in the areas of:


  • Commercial viability – industry specialist, sponsor
  • Ownership, adequacy and value of resources (plant and equipment, property, labour etc.) – legal, valuer, sponsor
  • Management structure and control systems – auditors, sponsor
  • Liabilities and litigation – auditors, legal
  • Environmental issues – legal, sponsor
  • Licenses and patents – legal, sponsor
  • Corporate governance including board of directors, audit and remuneration committees – legal, sponsor
  • Reference checks – sponsor


However, in most (if not all) instances the professionals are either very busy, or then to get stuck on an issue or need an issue to be ‘cleaned up’ prior them signing off. ACH therefore provides the critical project management role in keeping the processes on track


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