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Roadshow, Public/Investor Relations

The marketing strategy is all–important in drawing the attention of your company to investors. The roadshow usually takes the form of a series of meetings to communicate the attributes of your company with potential investors. It includes a formal management presentation of your company’s business operations, markets, products and services, and financial condition and performance.


ACH assists in scripting and orchestrating the roadshow. This includes: –


  • Ensuring that the Information Memorandum and the Prospectus has the right and a strong marketing proposition;
  • Simplifying or otherwise ensuring that the central message is not obscured by jargon;
  • Helping the IR professionals to prepare slide presentations, web sites, press releases and supporting brochures & handouts;
  • Rehearing not only the owners & management, but also the brokers, their analysts, and others, as they play an important role in sustaining market interest in your company’s shares.


In this way, ACH can ensure a single and clear message goes out.


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