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Barry Yates


Barry Yates was a co-founder of ACH Investments. Barry brought with him enormous amounts of direct investment experience in Asia. For instance, Barry was advising institutional investors, banks and government bodies during the massive 1983 Hong Kong property crisis, when, as a Director of Hoare Govett (Far East) he rightly predicted that Carrian Investments and Eda Investments would go bankrupt but their demise would only be “the thin edge of wedge”.

Prior to co-founding ACH, Barry was a director of Hoare Govett. Hoare Govett, prior to its merger with Govett in the 1970s was C. Hoare & Co the oldest bank in the UK (founded 1672) and fourth oldest bank in Europe. Barry was also an advisor to the Hong Kong Government on financial affairs.

After leaving Hoare Govett, Barry became the confident of many major Thai and Indonesian families whom he helped rescue during the 1997 Asian Economic Crisis. Barry and ACH were involved in restructuring many significant Thai and Indonesian business ranging from food & beverage to property to transportation.

Barry has a post-graduate degree from Imperial College, London in Management Science.

Barry regretfully retired in 2007.

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