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Tommy Thompson


Tommy Thompson, a co-founder of ACH Investments, had more than 15 years of direct investment experience in Asia based in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore at the incorporation of ACH.

Prior to co-founding ACH, Tommy was a partner and head of SBC Brinson (now know as UBS Brinson) in Singapore with overall responsibility for Asia ex-Japan. Prior to that Tommy was Chief Executive Officer of HSBC Asset Management (Asia Pacific) based in Hong Kong and a past Chairman of the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association. Before this, Tommy was Managing Director of Wardley Investment Services (Australia) with Hong Kong Bank.

Tommy is presently a non-executive director of Singapore listed Lifebrandz Ltd., an independent director of Mumbai listed Rubfila International Ltd., a director of MAI listed Focus Engineering in Thailand, and a director of several private companies and investment funds.

Tommy graduated from Columbia University and the London School of Economics. Tommy was a Research Associate at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London, before moving to Asia.

Tommy retired, regretfully in 2007, due to health reasons.

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