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Success Rates

Our high success rate may be due to these four reasons:

  1. We select our clients carefully. Given that we are paid only if we deliver success, we have no incentive to sign up many mandates. In fact we have every incentive to sign only clients to whom we can deliver successful outcomes.
  2. We try to match our clients to a market that will meet the businesses objectives, maximize their wealth whilst minimizing listing risks. Unlike many country sponsors, we do not promote one market. We are comfortable listing on any one of the twelve boards on the following nine exchanges (Australia, Germany, Hong Kong – HKSE & GEM, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore SGT & Catalist, Taiwan – TWSE & GTSM Toronto and UK).
  3. We coach, restructure, shape management, get rid of bad habits or otherwise get the owners, managers and the company ready to be examined, inspected and tested.
  4. We draft the Information Memorandum that will form the heart of the Prospectus. We have found this step exceptionally helpful as the Information Memorandum becomes the document on which the company will be examined (thereby narrowing what the owner and managers have to ‘study’), and the map from which all the professionals will take direction.
  5. We help select the team of professionals that will vouch for the company prior to the IPO process thereby enhancing the areas in which the company is naturally strong and ensuring more assistance in weaker areas.


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